Friday, 13 March 2015

Facebook Photo Verification at log-in

If you've just attempted to log into facebook and discovered you can't log in or have been logged out and are now being asked to verify names to pictures, don't worry you're not the first to experience this.

I had this myself one day after returning home from work a number of weeks ago. When I got back online I asked if anyone had experienced this but there were no replies that gave confirmation. 
Weeks later a friend has just experienced the same thing so I just googled it and apparently it is a security protocol of facebooks, though they fail to warn you or anyone its going to happen.

What you are faced with is 5 photos to verify (match to the correct name) all well and good but if your friends change photos regularly to photo's which do not depict their face you could be screwed. In fact on googling you get 2 skips per photo. 
There are online suggestions for bypassing this, again all well and good if you are for-warned.

Whilst this is happening your account is disabled and will become unaccessable so all you can do is run random names against google images or hope facebook does adhere to their rule for this protocol of using only those who have spoken to you regularly. 

Why they are doing this I haven't yet found out, but it is quite worrying when it happens if you do not know about it. It also doesn't appear to be a new thing since there are google posts a year old. 

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Other Signs and shiz

Hey Kittens

I spoke to you yesterday about numerological signs and since posting that blog I have been inundated by the number 11 again.
However there are other signs you must not ignore like a song being heard a thousand times, ok maybe not a thousand but more than three times in one day!

My signs today after constant 11s again.
I find a photograph of mine posted on a ladies Facebook page.
When I orginally posted the image she liked it and asked me if I minded her drawing it. Of course not I said. 
Then today I see my picture having been posted with the incorrect location and not hide nor hair of my name just that this image had been picked by another lady in her friends as one they should draw this month of March.
Whilst it is so nice that people liked the image so much and will be drawing it, it does kinda miff one off that their image was used in this manner without prior permission, acknowledgement and the incorrect info being stated.

Please people when you see a photograph or writing consider the creator first, you could be breaking all sorts of copyright laws!

I have sent a message and posted on the image and am awaiting her response. 

My 2nd sign for today was from a man for whom I reviewed his books a few years ago.
It has been some time since I have reviewed and a lot has happened and changed in my life since I last wrote one.
This review however isn't for a book, but in fact the script of a book I'd already reviewed. 
This is somewhat BIG to me because its my first script and could push me back into reviewing again.
I gave up reviewing because it took over so much of much time that I had no time for the writings and other interests I had, and I wasn't a paid reviewer. 
I still get every now and again an email from an author asking for me to review their book.  
But, I am going to do this and see what happens and how I feel about it.

Today seems to be a day of the universe trying to tell me I was good at reviewing and people liked it and that people like my photographs.

Watch this space lol and keep your eyes peeled for numerous signs from the cosmos.

Friday, 13 February 2015

Valentines Day survival

Hey Lovebugs

It is almost that time of year again, when love surrounds us all in a VERY open manner. The shops are filled with tacky cheap treats and toys for you to give your loved ones, where restaurants suddenly become fully booked, dozens of people suddenly become engaged, love songs suddenly fill the airwaves....whats all the fuss about one day a year? seriously, if you cannot say I love you to the one you love more than once a year, wtf are you doing with them?!
But, where did valentines day come from?

Valentines day always falls February 14th each year, is celebrated the world over but not as a holiday in each country. It is named after a Christian martyr from the 5th century who signed a letter to his love "your Valentine!".

Ok enough about all those loved up weirdos who use one single day to celebrate what they have.
What about those who don't have, what they have?
What about all the singletons?

I stand or rather sit here right now telling you I am single and have been now for the last two valentines days. Sure I don't want to be single and it wasn't my choice either but least I'm no longer with a hippocrite right lol
When my heart shattered into a million piece puzzle with one big bit missing I sprilled downward. In fact I was so lost and alone I hit depression and wanted never to wake up.

I am 1000% positive that there's at least thousands of people out there both men and women of differing ages who both feel as I feel about Valentines day whether in a relationship or not and perhaps have at sometime felt as I did at the end of a relationship.

Whether you've been cheated on, lied to, dumped, walked out on, abandoned, threatened, all of the above or something else I ask you this Valentines Day to acknowledge your own heart!

How does it feel, when you think of love?
How do you feel when you see couples?

If you are single this valentines day I want you to know you are not alone, there are other souls out there!

It is so easy to find yourself  being dragged down by the high of others, so I want you to right now to close your eyes and put your hand on your heart. Feel its beat, its rhythm. Then promise yourself you'll make the most of this valentines no matter what!

I then want you to make plans for how you'll celebrate the love you have for yourself.
This can include things like
- a candle lit bath in rose petals with your best bubbles and bubbly.
- a movie with the hunkiest actor / or if you're male the hottest actress.
- going for a romantic walk with your heart and see where it takes you.
- buy yourself the most expensive meal you can (without breaking your diet if you can lol)

If theres a group of you singletons, then get together as a group of singles!
There is no written rule that states because you are single you have to be alone on valentines day. Hell it's not even a real holiday!

I am actually going to turn this into a facebook event Will You Be My V-Day Detour? I really hope you'll join me and pass this on to someone who you think will get something out of this or needs reminding of where their heart is. Believe me, its still there, its still beating no matter the damage you / they have endured.

Rach X